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Seeing what your mind will let you

See what you can see?

They say that when the tall ships sailed to Hawalli the locals could not see them, only the Shaman.  Why is this?  Because the mind can only see and understand that which is within its realm of understanding.  Let’s look at this a different way.  Expert opinion suggests that the reason we pull out in front of motorbikes is that the eye is not trained to see bikes.  It is looking for cars, so sometimes it does not register a bike, simply because it is not looking for it.

The same can be said about, UFO’s, ghosts, angels etc.,  We may not see them because the mind is not trained to look for them.  Another explanation is we are afraid of the unknown, so we do not want to see anything that does not fit into our world, our realm of understanding. Would you truly know if you had or had not seen a spirit or a ghost?  Would your mind register it? For all those ghost hunters who are now thinking, my mind would and I have looked and I have never seen anything.  I believe they are going to appear when it suits them, not when it is contrived or when you are ready.  Just because you are on a ghost a hunt does not mean the entity will appear.  A further complication is an entity which is haunting with intent, ie they know they have passed over but are refusing to leave this sphere.  Is not so stupid as to appear and expose themselves to the risk of being trapped by enthusiastic hunters and cleaners.  When you come in numbers they often stay hidden.  In ones or two’s they can overpower you, through evoking fear.  It is much harder to do this when there is a gang of people.  Fear is easily evoked in one lone person in a dark place.  Not so easy when there is a group of hardened ghost hunters present.  Like most bullies they stay hidden until they have a likely victim, with almost guaranteed success, they strike.  They do expose themselves to the possibility of being caught out, trapped and the risk that they may be sent back to the very place they are trying to avoid.

So unlike the natives of Hawalli open yourself to the possibilities of the infinite.  That there is a world of spirit, that ghosts and entities live in our realm and maybe occupying the same space as you.  Consider that there maybe Higher Beings existing in other universes that can visit ours and that they are interested in our future survival.  Open your mind to the idea that Angels transverse our universe.  They do exist, they are here and they are accessible to everyone, including you. 

Accept your friends and loved ones have survived death, they now reside in another sphere, a place where you will one day join them.  Know they can hear your pleas and cries for help and they will do anything they can to offer comfort to you, but without interfering in your life down here on earth or your journey.  To do so could delay your joining together and cause your more harm than good.  Believe they are letting you live your life down here without their being overzealous.  For example, no-one is watching you in the shower or the toilet!  They live their own lives, but watch over us.  They are in tune to our vibration.  They see and feel our pain and draw close to us, and they love us.  They send healing and love, but without disrupting our journey.

So open your mind to that, you are never alone, no matter how lonely this journey feels.     


Sandrea Mosses - Medium & Clairvoyant

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