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Ouija Board – False or fake?

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2014 saw the release in America of the film Ouija, in which a teen uses an Ouija board and as you would expect, it has apparently, fuelled a 300% increase in sales of this and similar boards.  Interestingly it was announced earlier this year that the Vatican are planning to train over 200 more Priests in the act of exorcisms to cope with the increase in demand.

The term Ouija is a trademarked brand name introduced in the late 1890’s.  Although the concept of a device used to communicate with the spirit world have been around for centuries and evidence can be found in ancient cultures in Egypt, China and Greece.

So do they work?  Can the users communicate with the dead people or are they just a gimmick, which is making some companies a lot of money.  Interestingly Hasbro were sponsors of the Ouija film. 

There are a number of theories regarding how, if at all, Ouija Boards work. On the one hand people believe the boards provide a communication channel through to another world.  Whereas science believes the act of more than one person concentrating together causes the muscles to automatically move the planchette without the person being conscious of their behaviour.  This theory is sometimes referred to as automatism. 

In some ways how it works is irrelevant really.  The pressing point is, if does work and through the use of this board you can communicate with ‘other worlds’, is it safe?  A positive outcome of the topic of the Ouija board is religions across the world are united and agree in condemning the use of this type of device as harmful and dangerous.  They can’t all be wrong can they?  

So how are they purported to work?  Thought is energy.  The more people involved in focusing on one thing and one point the greater the potential outcome.  The collective concentration of the minds and the shared goal to communicate with anyone dead or disembodied spirit opens a portal or doorway, which allows beings from other dimensions to communicate through the board.  I suppose it is a bit like leaving your front door open on a busy Saturday night and inviting all and sundry to come on.  If you are lucky, your guests will be the polite elderly couple from number 16, who thought it was a tad rude not to come.  On the other hand a group of rowdy party revellers and their friends of friends may decide to accept your open invitation. 

The communicators through the Ouija board are very similar and it is sometimes the luck of the draw who decides to come calling.  But it is worthwhile remembering the closest realm to our world is the astral plane, with its upper and lower divisions.  The odds are if a loving relative doesn’t make it to the board first one of these occupants, who no doubt have nothing else to do, will gladly oblige.  And no doubt at the end of session, like all well-mannered occupants of the astral plane, when you remind them it is time to go they will dob their hats and kindly go along their way.

The hidden rules of the universe are very different to our civil or criminal justice systems.  They are exact.  If the said occupant is invited into your world, they gain rights, sadly at the same time, we lose them.  They are here by invitation.  We, as the invitee have waivered our right to protection and evoked the universal law of ‘Free Will’.  We asked them to come through the portal.  Questions like ‘is there anyone there?’ or ‘we wish to talk to you’ are indeed invitations to join us in our world.  Like all good demons or demonic forces once invited, they are here to stay.  Why?  Because here exists a land of promised opportunity, where the unseen occupant can reap copious amounts of energy.  In their own world they are extremely powerful.  Once they enter our world they have to build up their power.  When humans are fearful we generate huge amounts of energy.  This force is what they need to survive and flourish.

So the question is not do they work or don’t they?  But more is it worth the risk?  There is no safe use of this type of tool.  Abstinence is really the only safe solution.

Now for those who will ignore this advice and I strongly advise you not to, proceed with caution. Protect yourself, your friends, the board and your home from dark entities.  State you wish to speak to being of the light.  Ask your Guides to protect you from darkness and evil forces. 

Remember, you cannot trust them.  They will listen to want you say and feign they are a dead, relative.  It’s quite simple to listen to what you say and they pretend to be that person.  

When you finish, close the board.  Command that anyone who has joined you returns to their own world.  Then throw the board in bin.

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