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Uncoupling Love

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We exist in a third- dimensional world, and we experience everything about life through this existence. We rarely seek beyond this, to understand more about life and it`s experiences. We seek to find answers in the material world, rather than the other realms.

Our heart is much more than an organ to sustain life.  There is also a spiritual and emotional aspect to our heart.  It is here in this sacred space that we hold and cherish the love and emotional attachment of all those people who are dear to us.  It is held as a spark of light or a vibrational note.  This forms an invisible cord which emotionally attaches to the heart of another person.

The depth and strength of these sparks of light is dependent on the relationship we have with that person. Those who are closest to us will hold the strongest cords.  There are few cords that can match the depth and strength, which can amass through the love of a child, parent, husband/wife/partner or sibling.   From birth we begin to embrace these energetic sparks. Some will grow and become stronger, through our love and respect of that person.  The more it is nurtured so the stronger and deeper then strength of then love shall grow. Other lights will remain, yet become tarnished through trouble and strife between the two people.  These lights will no longer be as bright and the invisible cord shall become more fragile. Some people will fade from our lives and as we begin to forget them so the cord shall perish and die. 

The light may be dampened and the cord may be severed by the breaking of relationships.  This may occur following a divorce, family feuds or bitter arguments that cannot be reconciled.  As the cords are uncoupled we may feel a physical pain in our hearts as the cords between couples, family or friends are uncoupled.  At such times we may have a sense of loss or emptiness as indeed we are.  We are without the love of another and our physical hearts sometime feel this absence in our hearts, 

But where it is felt most profoundly is at the point of death of someone close to us.

When someone we love dies they immediately begin a journey, moving away from this dimension as they depart for home.  As they depart the planet, so their energy begins to unravel.  It becomes disengaged and unhooked from all those emotional, spiritual ties held in the hearts of other people. How we perceive this uncoupling process and severing will depend on our relationship with that person, the depth and strength of the love we shared.  In other words how much we have fed and nurtured the spark and how long we have held the heart ties.  The manner in which the separation takes place will also have a profound impact on the actual uncoupling process.  What the departure expected or unexpected?  How ready were we for the point of departure?  All this will have an impact 

Often when we lose someone close to us, it feels as if our heart is breaking.  We ache for the physical presence of that person in our lives.  In some ways it is not just an emotional experience.  Our heart can physically ache and feel physical pain when thinking of the departing love on.  We can also experience this pain during relationship break ups, divorce, family feuds etc.,

The emotional and physical hearts are closely entwined and both can have an impact on the other in a positive and a negative sense.  Scientifically it has been proven you can die from a broken heart.  It is called broken heart syndrome which is said to cause chest pain and sudden heart failure, believed to be brought on by a surge of fight or flight hormones.  While the flight hormones are good for us, in large doses they can be quite toxic to the heart.  While does not always cause death, it can be fatal. 

At the point of uncoupling the heart has had a very important and powerful emotion ripped from it.  It is going to take time to heal itself and to recover from this tragedy.  In cases of very powerful relationships, the person left here can feel, emotionally unstable, unable to control their emotional states.  This is part of the grieving process.  Not in the physical sense, but in the emotional state. 

Awareness of this energy spark and link may not be able to stop the pain of separation or loss, it will not change anything.  However it can go some way help us to begin to heal ourselves. Acknowledging and recognising the emotional uncoupling of energy can help us to balance our energy field.  Once we are aware of the process our heart is going through we can begin ease the pain by realising what is happening to us.  We can begin to fill the gaps with a balancing or healing energy.  We can feel the physical pain and know what is happening to us.  No doubt the strength and depth of the love and the manner in which we were uncoupled will have a big impact on how we recover from the process.  It is pointless to try to hold onto the energy or vibration.  Whether the uncoupling is through death or bitter disputes.  Sometimes we have to accept there is nothing we can do apart from trying to heal ourselves and to support our heart while is goes through the painful process of both physical and emotional loss. 

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  1. Sim

    Such a complicated feeling explained in such a beautiful manner... thank you.

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