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Conjuring up a Storm

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 As the evenings darken, and the wind begins to conjure up a storm, we can sometimes sense the impending dangers that lurk around the corner.  The doom that nature is about to bestow upon us.  The rain begins to beat against the walls, lashing against our fragile windows, and we have no desire to leave the warmth of our homes.  We will watch the storm as it unfolds, wandering what damage it will bring.  Who else is watching? On the stormiest and darkest of nights, trees will begin to fall.  Branches cruelly ripped from their trunk.  Whole trees uprooted from where they have stood for centuries, exposing their deep roots and taking with them anything which is in their way. 

For thousands of years, trees have been associated with mythology and legends, believed to be the gateways to the Otherworlds.  The realms of fairies, forest spirits, dryads and many other mystical spirits, where the two worlds overlap.  The tree is said to give these enchanted beings access to our worlds, to dance in our forests.  Some believe that trees are occupied by dryads, who care for and nurture them. 

What happens when a tree is damaged or destroyed?  We only see the physical damage.  Do we understand how this will impact on our world? There is often an increase in hauntings or paranormal activity during or after a storm.   Are these displaced mystic creatures, thrown into our world, desperately seeking a way back to their own realms?  Is this made worse when humans live close to these dislodged beings?

The Victorian era saw the sanitising of fairies, from creatures to be feared and to be avoided at all costs, into something small and charming.  One thing which is clear is that very few of these entities have any time for humans.  They see us as almost a demonic force which is scarring Gaia, and ripping out her very core.  Damaging her surface, poisoning her rivers and seas and choking the very air we breathe.  So it is likely that we cannot expect any help or compassion from these entities. 

There is a dark, foreboding feeling when these forces course through our land.  Have you ever driven in unlit areas, by trees in a storm, and felt the feeling of dread?  Your only desire is to reach the safety of your own home,  in mortal fear of the car breaking down? 

How do we know when these creatures are roaming our world?  There are many signs to watch out for.


A sense of dread or foreboding.  Feeling fear for no apparent reason.  Your whole essence appears to be on high alert.  The activation of fight or flight mode.  Your heart speeds up.  Yours ears are pricked up.  You see or hear nothing, just feel this impending moment of danger. 


Dark shadows, of various shapes and sizes dart around you. Triangles, globes or boxes momentarily appear before your eyes.  There for a moment, then suddenly disappearing.  Drafts of cold air as they sweep past you, darting around you in search of the light to show them their way home. 


Overpowering or sometimes subtle smells of the forest floor, that go as quickly as they have come.  The odour of sodden leaves, or stagnant water.



Animals suddenly beginning to behave strangely.  Appearing to watch things you cannot see.  Showing fear towards an unseen force.  Hiding as if to try to conceal themselves from these creatures, lest they try to take them with them. 

Am I in danger?

Stay away from trees, woods and forests at the time of a storm.  Not only out of fear a tree may fall on you, but to avoid coming into contact with one of these creatures.  In fact, there are some reportedly haunted woods and forests that you are well advised to stay away from during the hours of darkness.  Such as, Cannock Chase, home to the black eyed girl, who is no child, but some demonic form.  Or Sally in the Wood in Somerset, a creepy road which runs through a wood, associated with unexplained car accidents, witchcraft and crying children.

It is worthwhile noting that these enchanted creatures have no physical human form.  Unless they choose to present themselves to you physically, you cannot see them.  This gives them a big advantage over you, as you are trying to protect yourself against an invisible force.  They have immense psychic powers, and are not afraid to use them.  They have a hatred of  human beings.  This makes them extremely powerful and often vengeful towards us.   If you choose to challenge them or get in their way, they will not be afraid to use their powers to bestow ill health or bad luck on you.  It is alleged people have actually become insane through such encounters.  It is really not worth the risk.


What to do in an encounter? 

If you try to interact with these forces or inadvertently stop them in their effort to reach their own realm, expect trouble.   You are well advised to stay well away from them.  Let them go about their business.  If one accidently comes into your home, open your doors and give them free access to leave.  If they jump in your car, do the same.  Open the door and give them free access to leave.  In doing so, wish them well, and a safe journey home! 

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