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change and Fear

(May 26, 2009)
we are down here to grow, whether we see it, know it or recognise this, its a fact.  Most of us grow through life's experience's, both good and bad.  It is unfortunate, but the encounters that often cause us the most distress on the ones where we will achieve the greatest growth.
Also it is not periods of stability that give us the challenging experiences, but the periods of change and instability and often the ones that serve us the most.  As humans we dont like change when change is almost outside of our control.  it is during times like this that we feel fearful.  the presence of feeling of fear can both good and bad for us.  At times it will help us and protects us from har, it encourages us to be cautious and to tread wearily.  At other times it can hold us back, keep us tied in relationships that are holding us back or tying us to a person we no longer love, or keeping us a job we loathe, but we stay because of our fear.  Fear of the unkown, fear of making mistakes, fear of making deiscions we will regret.
Do not become a victim to fear be a master of it.  Use so you recognise pending change, apply it while you explore your options.  When you have made your decision let it go.  Once you have made a decision and are living by the consequences and feel you have made the wrong decision, change it, do not merely live in the moment of regret, learn from the experience and make the necessary changes you need.
years ago I moved jobs I moved from a place I was extremely happy to a palce doing a job I loathed.  Wthin weeks I regretted making the change.  It took me nearly two years to find another job.  Yet several years on, it was only the experiences of the job I regretted taking that helped me land my dream job, without it, I would not have had the necessary experiences.
This and other things have happened to me time and time again.  While I dont always undertsand I have begun to realise things happen for a reason and even mistakes can serve you.
so embrace change and use fear as your guide, not your master

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