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The Universal Rules - Free will

(June 13, 2009)
How easy life would be if in our early stages of development someone told us the universal laws.  these are not the laws that govern our land, the law that tells us we cannot do 40 mph in certian zones, when we can.  all we have to do is depress the accelerator.  these are the laws that are exact and precise and cannot be broken or over-ridden by anyone.
Free Will, is the law that allows us to think for ourselves to create our own thoughts and form our own opinions and values and a vast range of subjects.  Some people may agree or disagree with what we think or how we percieve any given subject.  they can argue with us, try and persuade but no-one has the right to try and take any this freedom.  If they could they would take control of certian aspects of our life.  The same applied to the world of spirit, our helpers, loved ones, guides, angels, masters, whoever it is we choose to talk or work with. 
The downside to this is those from the other side cannot stand before us and tell us not to do something, as to do so would infringe on our this basic universal law, unless we have asked for help and guidance.  I suppose the simpliest solution, is to ask for help and to be shown the right pathway for you at that time.  But do remember what you feel is the right pathway, may not be the way the world of spirit sees it for you. 
You are down here to grow and experience.  We are often driven and guided by fear and will often act with caution due to fear of being injured or hurt. 

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