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Letting go

(May 15, 2009)
There are often times in our lives where we are troubled by incidents and situations.  Most the time we have no control over these situations, we didn't cause them and making the situation go away is outside of our control.  This may never change.  But what we can change is how we deal with it.  While we mull things over, ponder and constantly think about situations, we are unintentionally keeping it close to us.  We are harbouring the issue and keeping it warm and alive.  
     We always need to explore any given situation to try and learn from it.  when we have fully learnt the lesson, we will no longer attract similiar situations to us, over and over again. 
     Once we have done this, we need to let it go.  Forget the situation and hopefully forgive those, if someone has hurt us.  only by forgiving do we truly release ourselves.  While we mull, ponder and turn we keep the situation alive.  It doesn't serve us, it doesn't help us. 
     So when a situation is over let it go 

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