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(May 07, 2009)
Most of us spend most of our time struggling to cope with today, that we give very little time and thought for tomorrow.  Today we can build our tomorrows.  All we need to do is spend some time and energy deciding what we want to belong to our future, then we can begin to build a dream.
do not waste your time planning revenge or lusting for material gain  Concentrate on the energy and vibrations you would to belong to your future, such as a happy home, peace and good health, then begin to build your dream.  But dont keep changing it!
     A man followed a car down a busy road, with many turning's off it.  The van began to indicate left, then right, then left, then right.  the poor motorist didn't know what to do.  He couldn't help the van driver, as he was travelling in front of him, but he was very confused.
     This is like us with our helpers and guides, sometimes we continually change our minds.  We indicate we want to go in one direction, then we change our minds.  If we dont know which way we want to go, how can they help us in any venture.

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