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Death of a loved one

(February 02, 2009)
     Nothing in life prepares us for the loss of someone close to us, epecially a partner or a child.  Often it is the finality of death that makes it so hard.  The notion that we are never to see our loved one again, hear their voices, talk to them, tell them how much we loved them and how dear they are to us, or to hold them in our arms.  This leaves us with an ache like nothing we have epxerienced and for some it never goes away.
     But we are never alone.  Our loved ones never fully leave us, until we are ready for them to do so.  Once they pass over they move to the spirit realms where they join their loved ones who have passed before us.
     They will go to extraordinary lengthe to try and comfort us, but most of the time we are so distracted and distraught by their passing that we fail to feel, hear or see them.  They will move things.  Give us little white feathers and appear in our dreams.  Usually very ordinary dreams, but hidden is a message that they have lived on.  They will stroke our face or hands and give the sensation of cobwebs or a hair passing across us. 
     There is nothing we can do to change their passing, but we can live in hope knowing that they are trying to comofrt us and are always close when we need them.
     So next time a song pops into your head from no where that is of meaning to you or them, give a silent thank you.  If you need help ask, they will always try and help you, but until you ask they cannot offer it.

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