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Blind faith is not always the way

(March 01, 2009)
A terrible flood it a valley, the worst flood they had known for years.  the authorities told the people to leave.  Don had lived here all his life nad his family before him.. Such was his faith in God he refused to leave.  "the Lord will take care of me", he said.  The waters rose the authorities came around again in a boat, visiting  the few stragglers and urging them to leave.  Don was now living upstairs.  He refused to leave. stating the good Lord would take care of him.
     Still the waters rose, now he was on the roof.  A helicopter hovered above throwing him a line and begging him to leave.  Still be refused, blind was his faith.
     Don drowned.
When he reached heaven he addressed God and asked why he had let him down, why after he had placed all his faith in him did he leave him in his hour of need.  God looked at him and said, 'my precious son, I sent a boat and a helicopter, but you wouldn't go, whta more could I do!
Taken from a Diana Cooper story. 

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