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Not knowing where you are at

(August 08, 2008)
Many years ago a novice Monk was mentored by a very wise elderly Monk, who invested many hours in trying to teach the young Monk the importance of being swayed by neither praise or criticism.  Not to be governed by these emotions, but remina centred and attune with the 'god force'.  The monk meditated on these words and decided he was now in this state and felt he was on his way to enlightenment. 
so happy was he, that he wrote to his mentor telling him of his enlightened state.  Back came the letter with the words, blar, blar, blar blar, scrawled all across it.
The young Monk was extremely hurt by this and unable to understand why his master didn't share his joy.  Such was his upset he set off immediately to tell his Father how he felt.  Now the Senior Monk lives over 200 miles away.  Unrelented by this the young journeyed across anicent China, for six weeks he travelled to reach his mentor.
When he arrived he explained his hurt and anger to the wisened Monk.  He sat listening to the words of the young Monk.  Then said ' I see.  You feel you have reached the pathway to enlightenement?  'Yet four little words bring you all this way'.
As the young Monk listened he too understood.
                                  We often think we are soem where we are not!

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